St. Joseph’s  Province  is the  1st  branch of the  Congregation of Teresian Carmelites is officially  Inaugurated  on  22nd June 1988, with  19 houses and  294 members. Thereafter, seven  provincial chapters were  held  and  different  provincial team headed by  efficient Provincials, guided  the province  according  to the  wonderful  plan  of the  Almighty God. It is  spread in the  dioceses, Verapoly, Kottapuram, Kannur and  Calicut. Apart  from  this  the  Carmel  Matha Region AP with  10 Houses spread  in the   dioceses, Khammam, Vijayawada, Kurnool, Nalgonda — is also  a daughter region of  St. Joseph’s Province. St. Joseph’s Province  is  the  resource province  for all  the  development  of the  congregation providing  personals and  most  needy  assistants. The apostolate of this  province in Education, Healing  Ministry, Social work, Frontier Ministries, Jail Ministry,  Anti Alcoholic movements and the  sisters  are  rendering  wonderful services in  various Ecclesial bodies like, Archbishop’s House Verapoly, Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre- Ashirbhavan, KRLCC, POC,  Pontifical Seminary Aluva,  St. John’s Medical college Bangalore etc. A large number of  sisters are in other provinces and  in communities in  foreign  countries. This  Province  has  2 Colleges, 1 Parallel college, 3 Higher Secondary Schools ,10 High Schools, 20 Primary  and upper primary schools. 4 Social Centers ,1 Dispensary and  1 Hospital, 1 Nursing School, 1 Old Age Home and  1 Special School. The presence and  activities of sisters in the province could bring radical improvements in educational cultural and  social aspects of  various villages in  Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Till recent  years, the  sisters  from  St. Joseph’s  Province  animated  the Congregation in the  service of  Mother Generals. The province celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 29th April 2013 with 357 members in 30 Communities. by honoring all the  previous  Provincials and  thanking  the  Lord  with  ardent  love  and  gratitude . We one to God the almighty for the successful journey of this province which  continues.

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