Karmel konvent St. Ewaldi, Dortmund


Carmel Convent St.Ewaldi  was started on 1987 June 19th at Dortmund  Aplerbeck,in the Diocese of Paderborn. The present community members Are Sr.Jency,  Sr.Jyothi,Sr.Saba &Sr.Tessy. Rev.Sr.Jency is the Animator of the community. The sisters are working in the Old age Home St.Ewaldi. The sisters are also responsible for the pastoral activities including,bringing the inmates  of the house for the Holy Mass, visiting the sick and the dying,  preparing them for a good death and arranging last sacrament for them. And this will be done out of duty time. Rosary will be conducted by the sisters every day conveniently before or after the Holy Mass. Sisters are also doing some Hand-works like,making fruit jam and snacks,and selling it to the people outside. And the outcome of this will be handed over to the Mother General for helping the poor. The Community ist also partially active in the Parish. 

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