Karmel Konvent St. Anna, Kleve-Materborn


This convent  started  on 10th of  July 2012,  in  the  Dioses  of  Münster.  Before  us  there  were  Cellitinian sisters, who  were  very old  and sick so  they  handed  over to us to  continue  the  services they  have  done.. The first members were  Sr. Cressianzia (  sister in charge )  Sr. Kochuthresia  and  Sr. Rency. At present we are 4 sisters, Sr. Dayana  also  came  here  as  a 4thmember. We are doing  our  services  in different  areas of  two old age homes. Two sisters are  taking  spiritual care  of the  old people  besides  their  Nursing care. One sister is engaged  in Reception and  Administration. One  sister  is  engaged  in social work and  will be  engaged  with  the  old people in making different kinds  of  Articles  and  other things  like  gymnastic, games sport etc. We are  also  helping in the  Parish, conducting prayers, distributing  communion, sacristy work  etc. We are  doing  our  services  in  two old age homes which  are  attached  to our  convent, we  and  the old people are  very much thankful and  happy  to  help  the needy  in  this  area  Materborn.

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