St. Josef convent in Essen- Kupferdreh, Germany isin theDiocese of Essen. This convent started on 1st of October 1984. The firstconvent in Germany is St. Josef. Rev. Mother Marina was the Superior of this convent. As we started this convent, we were altogether 13 sisters. Out of this 13, 9 sisters were staff Nurses and 3 were students. At present, we are 8 sisters doing our services in the Hospital and Oldagehome. We are also engaged in the Parish ministry, distributing communion, giving counselling, sacristiwork etc. During our free time we visit the sick and the old those who are living alone. Now sr. Alda is the Delegate of Mother General, Sr. Dominica ( Community Animator ), Sr. Rita, Sr. Maria, Sr. Saera, Sr. Jini, Sr. Jesna and Sr. Agnes Lify are the members. The People in this area are very friendly and they like and appreciate our services.